Time rustles by me as I stand alone, staring at the night sky. The night chill has slowly assailed my body. The silence that’s been mingling within my ears hasn’t left yet. Along with a breath of air that suddenly broke away from me, a thought also made its wayContinue Reading


Living in the luxury of the modern era, in harmony with all these tech gadgets, technologies, and scientific breakthroughs. Obliterating any one of the gadgets will tip us off balance. We are so rooted in them that they fall under our fundamental needs now. All our hobbies and time passContinue Reading


Let me get straight to the point: this is not a blog where I tell you that you’re amazing and that anyone who says otherwise is wrong. You are perfectly imperfect. While that may sound cool, it’s not particularly helpful in addressing the root issue that lies within. The issueContinue Reading

How to not die alone

Table of Content Book Details Book wrap-up Should you read ‘How to not die alone’? My Book Notes of ‘How to not die alone’. CHAPTER 1 WHY DATING IS HARDER NOW THAN EVER BEFORE CHAPTER 2 THE THREE DATING TENDENCIES CHAPTER 3 DISNEY LIED TO US CHAPTER 4 DON’T LETContinue Reading


Table of Content Book Details Book wrap-up Should you read Ikigai? My Book Notes of Ikigai. I. Ikigai II. Antiaging SecretsIII. From Logotherapy to Ikigai IV. Find Flow in Everything You Do V. Masters of Longevity VI. Lessons from Japan’s Centenarians VII. The Ikigai Diet VIII. Gentle Movements, Longer Life IX.Continue Reading