Time rustles by me as I stand alone, staring at the night sky. The night chill has slowly assailed my body. The silence that’s been mingling within my ears hasn’t left yet. Along with a breath of air that suddenly broke away from me, a thought also made its way out. I could see that certain things can hold out against the ineluctable evanesce of time.
A gush of waves made of memories and feelings started tickling the shores of my heart. The tickling then turned into lashes that leave undying scars that no waves can wash away. Ever. I shut my eyes and let the blustering sea settle itself.

Later, I opened my eyes to see everything around me sparkling in the delightful silver light. That’s when I noticed the pearl in that dark ocean. I never get weary of that eyesome sight, because this pearl, reminds me of her.
This world covets her mesmerizing charm, but I see the solitude that’s cursed her even from infancy. We are beguiled into thinking that she’s made of silver with her silvery shine, but I still see that heart of gold as she shreds joy, and wonder when she is being consumed by that pain of solitude. I began doubting the worth of gold as an adornment of her braveheart as I see her foolhardily trying to ward off the darkness of half the world for us travestying the sun. Oh all-embracing beauty, of all the ample people who are obsessed with you, from the first light of humanity who are contemplating to comprehend, portraying to pander, bragging and brawling to board you, am I one of the few who truly knew you?

As our bonding ravels my heart links her to me. These emotions that seeped into me started devouring me, giving me a glimpse of her agony. That’s when I noticed a bright yellowish color slowly spreading from the edge of the dark ocean. I realized her time is nearly ending. A sudden panic was stirred. My lungs drag in more air than they can. My heart that’s heavy with emotions pounding in all its might. My eyes sprinkle sparkling silver lights from its corner. Everything that’s me in complete accord wanting to keep her with me. I would trade the life in me to keep her with me. As she is fading away I look at her helplessly to feed my ravenous eyes with her. Even before my eyes get the slightest satisfaction, she was gone. The ocean was lit up by the pre-eminent sun.

All that’s left of her are memories. Though our bonding wasn’t woven with silky memories of some jolly outings, late-night strolls, or even a warm cup of coffee together, I still miss her! Then I started piling up her memories insatiably . . . and that’s when I noticed something was missing. I realized that I remember only her shiny surface and not her dark craters. Have I beguiled away from her ugliness? Did the distance, I hated so much as it separated us also disguise her rugged craters and alienated apron? Or, was it me who ignored her frailty as it might bring down my admiration for her? Was everything just an embellished fantasy? My mind was filling up with haze. Everything seems obscure.
As the haze slowly cleared, I began to understand. It’s me who created this card house of adornments to admire her, and to shield her beauty from the evanesce of time. But, I didn’t realize that this card house has grown enough to overshadow her frailty. I failed to admire an abstruse beauty that dwells within everything that shines brighter than the fallacious shine of adornments. I failed to admire her as she is. I ornamented a pearl to make it a diamond. My dear, I’m sorry! You’re beautiful . . . just like a pearl.

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