Not engaging

Have you heard your inner voice shouting out yelling “Let’s stop doing this”? It’s not just the inner voice, there are other physical symptoms associated with doing something that is excruciatingly boring. You might find your eyelids slowly sinking or feel a yarn knocking on your lips trying to pushContinue Reading

Vegetarian food

The reactions that I get when I tell people I’m a vegetarian are really fascinating. They might narrow their eyes in curiosity, some will have their eyebrows shooting up in fury demanding an immediate discourse, some would scratch their head and shrug it off their shoulder. Whichever be the reaction,Continue Reading


It came to me as a surprise when my sister asked me whether I wanted to see Mudiyettu on a weary Friday? I stared at her face trying to recall what that is for two seconds after which I gave up and said no and went back to my work.Continue Reading


Are you in your 20s? Confused about life? I’m all jaded with the wait for the light-bulb moment, so here I’m writing my goal list to do in my twenties. Hop in, because I’m trying to figure it out as well. Even since my 20th birthday, I have been beatingContinue Reading

Body shaming

Do you go to the gym? Is it because you want to ward off sickness and jump around even in your forties? Is it because you want to flex your biceps to impress the ladies or finally have that zero size you been dreaming about? The answer to these questionsContinue Reading


Before we start how journaling changed me, let’s admit that daily journaling is not a fancy habit that you would put in your new year’s resolution. It’s thought of as a habit reserved for the scholars and people of letters. Is it your cup of tea? It does seem pointlessContinue Reading


Plan to start a colorful vlog? maybe a thoughtful blog. Is it an engaging YouTube channel or even a fun podcast? Let me guess, you are bored with your conventional routine job and make a living out of the things that you do actually love to do. Right? Hmm. ThatContinue Reading