My first love, my Charlie 777

The captivating ‘777 Charlie’ movie concludes with a profoundly beautiful quote:

“If you’re lucky, a dog will come into your life, steal your heart, and change everything.”

Upon reflection, it becomes evident that many wonderful things transpire in such a manner. On a rare, unforeseen day, when you least expect it, life has a way of altering course in the blink of an eye.

The setup

Much like Charlie entered Dharma’s life, akin to the vivid aurora that gracefully dances across the dark sky, or even reminiscent of Newton’s apple descending unexpectedly, she, too, entered my life.

The catalyst

It’s both amusing and endearing to witness Charlie shadowing Dharma, perceiving him as her savior, unaware that he is merely a delightful public nuisance. Dharma attempts to shoo away the intruder, but his efforts prove futile, concluding in a hilarious revelation of his affection for Charlie. It may seem cinematic, repetitive, and perhaps naive, yet undeniably human.

Our love story didn’t commence with a fairy tale. The fairy wasn’t even in town. Fueled by the absurd conviction that nothing would transpire between us, we embarked on a daring journey of falling for each other. Our path wasn’t adorned with soft red lilies; rather, it was laden with stones and thorns. Amidst challenges, we found ourselves hurling obstacles at one another. In times of adversity, what bound us together, akin to Charlie and Dharma, was a deep-rooted love crafted each day, piece by piece.

“Love is a juice with many tastes. Some bitter, others sweet. A wine with few vineyards.”

Justice, Poetic Justice

The midpoint

The heartwarming moments in the movie are those that depict the actions taken for each other. Echoing Saint Ignatius, love manifests more in deeds than in words. The feeling of being loved emerges when someone acts out of pure love and care, without prompting. Charlie’s efforts to bring joy to Dharma and Dharma’s actions to fulfill Charlie’s dream exemplify this.

Our love flourished as we cared for one another. This is why they call it being life partners—the other half. It necessitates playing the roles of lover, parent, friend, guide, and everything else. In doing so, we created a small, intimate world away from everyone and everything.

“There is no remedy for love but to love more.”

Henry David Thoreau

The despair

The climax of the movie, like any profound love story, revolves around losing a loved one. Our inherent fascination with tragic tales stems from their authenticity and honesty. It’s as if eternal love is only attainable without a conventional happily ever after. The movie wrenches hearts as Charlie passes away in Dharma’s embrace. The final moments of togetherness, where words falter, silence prevails, and intense emotions communicate through eyes and touch. The air is thick, requiring a moment for emotions to settle.

Our love story, I fear, follows a similar trajectory. It might be tragic, heartbreaking, and hopefully eternal—only time will tell. Living with the awareness that our love story is finite, much like knowing our days are numbered, intensifies our appreciation for each moment.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

Dr. Seuss

The redemption

A compelling story doesn’t conclude solely in tragedy; it signifies a rebirth. Offering hope, rekindling smiles. 777 Charlie illustrates this beautifully. In the end, Charlie leaves her puppy for Dharma—a lifeline, a cherished memory, a gift to remember. It transforms Dharma’s life for the better.

Our love story’s ending is uncertain. Whether it resurrects or fades away, only time will reveal. Like all mortals, we’ve avoided contemplating this, as it’s not a joyful conclusion. This thought induces fear, helplessness, and agony. Nevertheless, my love, regardless of the outcome, we shall have no regrets. I’m content with what we share and whatever unfolds.

The end

It’s premature to judge our ending; let’s leave it blank. Focus on the present, and live it to the fullest. Our relationship has consistently proven stronger than imagined; let’s see how it unfolds.

I chose to discuss the movie 777 Charlie as it marks our beginning. It’s the narrative we’ve unintentionally been telling. You are my Charlie. Don’t interpret it as an insult, for Charlie was a dog. I know you won’t, as I’ve witnessed your love for them, even having one as a “brother.”

In essence like the movie quote, I was so lucky, you came into my life, stole my heart, and changed everything.

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