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The Priest is a 2021 Malayalam psychic investigative thriller movie directed by Jofin T Chacko starring Mammootty, Manju Warrier, Nikhila Vimal, and Baby Monica in lead roles.

This directorial debut by Jofin T Chacko brings about the first collaboration of Mammootty and Manju Warrier in their carrier.

The movie is an investigative journey of a Priest named Fr. Carmen Benedict who can communicate with Psychic forces.


Fr. Carmen Benedict (Mammootty), a parapsychologist, was requested to take part in the investigation of the Palatte family suicide case. The suicide case which later with the help of investigation from Fr Benedict proved to a murder. Through this case, Fr Benedict came across a girl named Ameya Gabriel (Baby Monica). Ameya has been portrayed to have a peculiar character that exhibits many unusual behaviors.

The movie progresses when Jessy Cherian (Nikhila Vimal) a newly appointed teacher, joins Ameyaโ€™s school. Jessy then starts developing a close bond with Ameya. Jessy will later encounter Fr Benedict when he tries to study the peculiar character of Ameya and dismisses Fr Benedict and his warnings out of some misunderstanding.

On school vacation, Ameya requested Jessy to take her to Jessyโ€™s home, to which she hesitantly agreed. Jessy and Ameya were having a blast in their time together until Jessy introduced Ameya to her finance Sidharth (Venkitesh).

After meeting Sidharth, Ameya started showing off psychic behavior, which started scaring Jessy. Jessy then tried to contact Fr Benedict, who eventually arrives and reveals that a spirit possesses Ameya.

The second half of the movie is the investigation of who is the spirit? What are its hidden motives? Fr Benedict finally unscramble the truth about the spirit and all instances related to it.

The movie finally ends with Fr Benedict saving Ameya from the spirit and divulging all the secrets.


The movie, though claims to be a horror thriller, offers nothing to make you bite your nails except a few jumpscares.

The movie happens in a psychic realm which on a personal level change from downright absurd to acceptable depending on your sensibility.

Let me tell you what I love about the movie. The performance and music are phenomenal in this one. Baby Monica playing Ameya nailed her character, and that made this movie enjoyable.

The movie from the start is trying to surprise its audience through its multiple plot twists and suspense moments, but what might bore you is the second half where we have to deal with all the justifications explaining why is the spirit doing what itโ€™s doing.

The weakest part about the movie is the logic on which the psychic spirit operates which was designed to keep the movie interesting. But if you find it far-fetched, it require you to shut your eyes or shrugging it off your shoulders to enjoy the rest of the movie.

For me, the part that gave me cringe is how easily the spirit complied with Fr Carmen Benedict for reasons so obvious that make you wonder what this spirit was thinking for fifteen years.

Overall, when you look at the movie, this one has some fine performances, gripping music, and excellent treatment from Jofin T Chacko going for it.

Let me make certain things clear for you. I had little high hopes for this movie when I got into the theatre. Also, I watched this movie with my friends which again is an enjoyable experience. So I hope itโ€™s not because of these two external factors, but I enjoyed this movie.


If you are not very adamant about everything making perfect logic and completely foolproof, this one offers a good watch with lots of unexpected plot twists and brilliant performances to enjoy.

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