Rise and shine, it is a great morning!

This reminds me of what our moms whisper in our ears when we are still hugging our mattress when the sun is out in the skies. Yeah, a bit filmy, but why not?

I fancy these perfect morning scenes that we see in movies.

The sunlight hits your face through the glass panels of your window and you flutter your eyelid in awe of the stunning visual, then in a moment, you become focused and toss your blanket to the sides and jump out of your bed, and get started with your morning routine. I’m leaving the good bits, the intense workout, and that extravagant shower to your imagination.

I believe that we all secretly desire to wake up to such a perfect morning and crush our days, except it never happens. Let’s agree that what we have been rambling on is a bit far-fetched and nothing like that is going to happen. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t make it better. Even if we don’t have the perfect morning, we can still have a good or even a great morning. This blog post is about helping you realize that goal.

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If you still don’t feel interested, I will tell you why you should also be trying to have a perfect morning.

Why do we need a perfect morning routine?

  1. To build momentum.
    What happens in our day is interconnected. If you start with a good morning, you will most likely have a good day. Similarly, if you start your morning badly, then chances are you might have a bad day itself. So starting your day with some sense of accomplishment or purpose is essential to have a good day itself. The idea of having a good morning is not to have a good morning, it is to have a good day.
  2. To start with the proper mindset
    You will have good days, bad days, and impassive ones. It is all part of life. However your day was, it is important to start your day with a clean slate. You are not depressed about yesterday’s failure or carried away with yesterday’s success. Today is a new day and you need to approach it with a fresh mindset. The idea of having a good morning routine is to start your day fresh. To not carry the baggage of the past on your shoulder today.

Things are all good up until now. But I kept saying good morning, but what is a good morning? It will certainly not be that fancy dream we talked about earlier. The next question we need to answer is what we can consider a good morning?

What we can consider a good morning routine?

  1. A morning that gives you purpose and meaning
    We all wake up with our hair messy and head drowsy, wondering what are we going to do next? That is not a good morning. The morning routine has to be well planned and suited to your taste that you can do on autopilot. The one thing your morning routine should give you is a sense of clarity, about your day, about your purpose. If you wake up wondering what am I going to do today, all you are is clueless and that shouldn’t be how you start your day. What I’m trying to say here is that your morning routine is something that will make your mind fresh, reminds you of your purpose, and gives a meaning to take on your day.
  2. A morning that makes you excited There are two reasons why your morning should be exciting
    • If you want to keep adhering to any routine, it has to be exciting to you else you will stop doing it once the initial motivation goes away.
    • Having an exciting morning puts you in a good mood. Being in a good mood is the way to start your day. On the flip side, if your morning routine is boring, why are you doing it in the first place?

By now we have talked about why is it important to have a good morning routine? What is a good morning routine? I guess it is time for us to talk about the most important question of all. How to build a good morning routine?

It would be a shame to leave this blog post after getting so close to understanding a good morning routine but without knowing how to build one for yourself.

How to build your perfect morning routine?

It will tell you the sad truth right away, only you can build your perfect morning routine. I can give you some directions, and a handful of suggestions but ultimately you have to find the right one for yourself.

It isn’t a one-step solution either. It is an iterative process where you refine your routine to make it better.

Let me first give you some guidelines as to how can you build a good morning routine.

Consider these while building your morning routine.

  1. Something healthy for your body and your mind
  2. It should include something you love doing
  3. Some mechanism to clear your mind and formulate what is on your mind
  4. Helps you to prioritize and plan your day
  5. It should remind you that this day is an opportunity to do something great.

Some suggestions for your morning routine.

  1. Exercise
    Our body is designed to hunt every day for food, not to sit in front of a computer screen all day. Your body needs some activity to function optimally otherwise it will deteriorate faster. Countless studies tell you how beneficial exercising is, go read one if you don’t believe me. Just reminding you that there are superb home workouts that are more than sufficient to keep you healthy. Just in case you are thinking of making the need to go to a gym as an excuse to skip exercising.
  2. Meditation
    Something a lot of successful people do, I been told. Meditation clarifies your head and gives you peace of mind. A mechanism to help you effectively handle the stress heading your way later. There are many forms of meditation, find the one suited for you. If exercise was for your body, meditation is for your mind.
  3. Journaling
    Morning is when you are the most creative, your most thoughtful self. Use that to self-reflect, and brain dump whenever runs through your head. All this is a means to clear your mind, brainstorm new ideas, plan your day, organize your day, and prepare yourself for the day. Journaling is one such tool you can use to prepare yourself for the day, even a pen and paper is fine for this job.
  4. No screen time
    The morning should be the best time of your day, don’t bring your social media and other useless junk into your mind. There are two reasons for this
    • This will induce negative thoughts in your brain and that is not how you should start your day
    • Social media will take up time which you don’t have much if you spend your morning correctly
  5. Some content sources like podcasts, books, audiobooks, and music.
    It is good to consume something good in the morning because two reasons as well
    • Positive content induces optimism in you that will be beneficial for the day.
    • Morning is when your brain will function at its best, so absorbing in the morning can help you put it to good use.


This blog post is about a good morning routine. We have covered why is it beneficial? What is it? How you can build one for yourself? But the key takeaway should be that you should decide what your morning routine should be and it doesn’t have to be anything like the one I have described.

So go ahead and build the morning routine that seems fit for you. The whole point is that whatever routine that you follow puts you in a good shape and mindset. Anything that brings out the best in you. Something that helps you to become the person you want to it. As long as it does that, you are good to do whatever you feel like doing.

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