It was the much-awaited second year of college. Everyone was excited to finally discard the fresher tag that was stamped on us when we joined college.

Deep-rooted in a staggeringly common existential crisis, I had an itchy longing for doing something big that year.

I wanted to invent something!

As astonishingly absurd as it seems, that is exactly what an engineer in making ought to be doing, I thought. Perhaps that is how I thought I could satiate my craving to be an engineer.

Desperation prevailed after two days of conquest!

On that quiet afternoon, I was under a rusty old fan staring at the ceiling wondering what to do now. Then I realized that this noisy fan was an invention of someone completely oblivious to me. I just looked around and found objects lying around that were all inventions of someone. Someone I desperately wanted to be two days back.

That’s when this puzzling thought came to me that should we be grateful to these people. These people who made a tangible impact in our life rather than being obsessed with some random celebrity. I was choking with this thought and wanted to spit it out somewhere but couldn’t figure where and how.

Even I was startled by my audacity when I finally reckoned that I need to write about this. Never had I ever had a single incident in my life that made me think I should start writing. I didn’t even try to sink this thought with all my excuses and self-doubt as the cause was so dear to me.

The experience of writing despite being nebulous felt cozy thanks to my friends. They are the ones whom I approached for opinions. When I finally showed it to them, they loved it and happily posted it in our college student newsletter.

That’s how I started writing!

Not soon after came my second article, and slowly I wrote occasionally. All of that put me in positions where I was required to write for various college events. Writing when you don’t feel like writing or having nothing to write is a really frustrating feeling.

That was when I got tired of writing.

College ended, and then I did completely stop writing for a year.

Like a merry-go-round that goes round and round, everything in life cycled back. Came back this familiar yet distant feeling of wanting to do more.

This time I chose to start a blog. Even though this is a journey that I never quite imagined for myself. A journey where I don’t know the destination or the path. But sometimes all you have to do to reach somewhere is to start walking.

I hope you can also join me in this journey and share our stories. Rather than questioning and doubting the values of my thoughts and ideas. I’m taking this audacious step of sharing it with you, despite not knowing the actual answers. Maybe I can’t provide the answers you need, but I might be able to help you find the answers. That is the hope that I have right now.

So stick around, having a friend to help is better than having a solution.

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