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Of all the lost art we hold dear, the unspoken art of having good conversation never crept into that list. Few even consider that to be an art. But it is an art with its rhythm, pace, details that can spur emotions and ideas that can proliferate the mind. Knowing you had a delightful conversation is a late realization that strikes you at the very end when it is over.

I just wanted to utter the beauty of having a good conversation while the memory of a chill breeze permeating my skin and an easing sound of the turbulent waves that felt like a melody still stay clear, the last place I had a good conversation.

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The beauty of good conversations

Time to savor the exotic beauty of having good conversations.

Good conversations can help you more than any book

Good conversation involves exchanging insights that are just gold. A deep conversation with someone is about glaring at their whole life’s insights in their very raw essence. No book can ever offer you this intensity and relatability. Good conversations are a way to transcend into their world and gauge the enormous knowledge locked in their core. These are some of the most profound thoughts and revelations that could be life-changing.

Do not deprive yourself of this spectacular opportunity. Conversations are the key to opening knowledge treasured inside of us. Do not lose this treasure.

Deepening human connections

Good conversation does come from our heart and I have no other way to explain this than the embarrassingly corny way of saying good conversations connect our hearts. Not my favorite line either.

But the truth is you think you know a person until you have a good conversation with them.

We all project ourselves a certain way to the outside world while our real vulnerable self is hidden away inside. Good conversations are a way to bring out that vulnerable self outside once in a while and you might be surprised when you see the inside of the people you thought you knew well.

These authentic conversations that reflect our true self most entirely are what creates hard-wearing bonds.

Good conversations provide an opportunity for feedback

You will have your ideas, political affiliation, professional aspirations, short-term goals, all of which you lock away inside your head. A good conversation is when these hidden secrets finally creep to the surface for someone else to muse on.

Despite how frustrating it is, you need someone else to point the monumental blunder right under your nose. No matter how premeditated your thinking is, there will be something that leaves you wondering ‘how on earth did I miss that!’.

Good conversations provide a window to refine your thoughts and ideas and rectify all the minor flaws you might have missed.

It is so damn fulfilling

A good conversation is like taking your mind to an exquisite dinner to feast on. It just feels bloody good. We are social animals and there is something intrinsically rewarding about deepening human connections.

If none of the above prospects intrigue you, you can opt for the mutually beneficial reason of feeling good. Good conversations form the bedrock of splendid memories. A way to share our vigorous human emotions with another and to savor the experience.

Why are we failing to have good conversations?

The real question isn’t about what makes a good conversation so appealing, but about why are we failing to have good conversations. So let’s put our head around this one.

Abundant information

We live in the internet era where we have access to abundant information. You can be abreast of the latest gadgets, cars, and global crises. With all this copious information that floods our conversations, what is truly valuable to us and the other person often gets lost.

It is so easy to distract yourself from any real conversations with all these zillions of trivial good-for-nothing things to talk about. Good conversations take courage and effort both being hard to get.

To have a good conversation, we need to know what matters to us and where we stand on it and the courage to share it with someone else knowing the vulnerability.

The boom of social media networks

The social media networks have sped up the number of friends we have to an astounding level, far more than we ever needed. There is no limit to the friends on social media but there is a limit on the number of people how can spend time with.

Connecting with more people than you can ask for creates shallow connections. Know that your time is a resource and that you can’t have a deep connection with every person out there.

The path to a good conversation has to do with allotting time for the people that you care for.

The courage to be honest

A critical criterion to have a good conversation is being honest about who you are and what you believe in. We might have an inferiority complex, self-doubt, fear of vulnerability, all of which prevent us from expressing our true self and having authentic conversations.

A good conversation is a conversation you have with someone that just feels like talking to yourself. It doesn’t happen when someone is talking to your superficial self. So a good conversation requires you to pronounce your real self.


Good conversations are all memories that bring joy to your heart. That is why I have given you reasons to have good conversations. Getting to know the life insights of the other person, deepening your human connections, getting some feedback, and the sheer fulfillment of having a good conversation are things we can live without but add so much value when we have them.

There are also some reasons why we are failing at having good conversations. We discussed how the abundant information, overflowing friends list, and the lack of honesty could steal that fundamental joy we could experience as humans.

Despite all this ramble, I won’t ask you to strive for good conversations because you can’t force yourself into a good conversation. All you can attempt is to enjoy the conversation you are having and that, for me, is a step in the right direction.

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