Define your freedom

I was turmoiled in contemplating what it means to have freedom and what defines it?

The revelation came after I realized that granted freedom is Fugazi if not exercised.

Freedom is only real when used.

Yes, there is a distinction between having and using freedom.

I read a blog that collated the voices of different Americans on what freedom means to them. (Click here if you want to read it)

These are some responses that I found provoking.

Some definitions of Freedom

Freedom is all about having the right to be different.

Dru Holley
Co-director and producer of the documentary film“Buffalo Soldiers of the Pacific Northwest”

Freedom seems to be enjoyed only by those able to pay for it. If someone must ask permission to do things needed to survive — eat, sleep, use the restroom — they are not free.

Jamie Spinelli
Homeless advocate and peer housing support at CVAB (Community Voices Are Born)

Ideal freedom is having the ability to choose and to be responsible for the way one feels, acts, reacts, and lives one’s life.

Susan Rasmussen
La Center resident and president of Clark County Citizens United

You are given the opportunity to become who you want to be. And it does not stop there, life is like an onion, you peel each piece — fresh and useful. Make good use of each piece and keep growing.

Evans Kaame
2020 Clark College graduate

To me, in the midst of this disorienting moment in our nation’s history, freedom is to feel the relief and peace of not having to ask for freedoms others freely enjoy.

Erica Erland
Living legally married to her wife in downtown Vancouver

The profound inquiry we immediately face after these words flash in front of our eyes is regarding our very freedom. Is the freedom we savor fallacious?

To untangle this knotted mess, let’s fall back on our constitution and recapitulate our right to freedom.

The Right to Freedom:

The Right to Freedom covered in Article 19 of our Indian constitution pointed to guaranteeing individual rights that were considered vital by its framers. Article 19 guarantees six freedoms which include the freedom of speech and expression, freedom of assembly without arms, freedom of association, freedom of movement throughout the territory of our country, freedom to reside and settle in any part of the country of India, and the freedom to practice any profession.

Gateway to Freedom

Beyond the intricacies of our legal paradigm and political science, freedom to live for me can be simply sorted out as follows.

Freedom of speech and expression

Your thoughts and words are yours. Don’t be apologetic about it, use it fiercely but always kindly. Don’t let your voice be muffled by the judgment of others. Remember, it is your right to speak and express who you are, not what others want you to be.

Financial Freedom

Food, shelter, and clothes are your human needs. If you need financial support in meeting even your basic needs, you are not free. Have the ability to buy what is necessary for you with no permissions or justifications. Constitution doesn’t grant us this freedom, something you need to earn.

Freedom from Approval

Your life results from the choices you make. You have no right to call it your life if you didn’t make those choices. They have taught us to seek approval from people around us, seek guidance but not approval.

Choose the education you need, a profession you value, a partner you love, and everything within and beyond that. Make it your life.

Freedom to move freely

You have the right to be where ever you want. The constitution grants you that privilege. Have the means and skill needed to travel freely. Traveling is not about chopping off your roots. It’s about finding new ones. Free your body just like your mind to explore and break free from all the concealed rotten chains you have.

Freedom of profession

If you don’t love the job you do, then you are not free. You have the freedom to pick a career of your choice. Know that your career is your choice and use your freedom to choose.

Freedom to choose people

You can’t choose your family, but you have the choice over everyone else. Make sure to surround yourself with the people you love and value and not with people who make you feel worthless. Whether consciously or subconsciously, your friends are your pick, and don’t leave that to luck. Reach out to people you care about, and decline people you are uncomfortable with because you have the choice.


The culmination of this pointless yet desperate rant is not clarity but even more confusion. I feel like few questions don’t usher us answers but just more questions.

The parting message can’t simply be to honor your freedom but redefine what freedom means to you and effectuate it.

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