Opening doors to opportunities

Opportunities remind me of all those spooky UFOs we have seen on the internet. Everyone knows and heard about it but very few have seen it in real. Opportunities are very much a UFO in that regard. Despite all of us searching for it, very few have managed to findContinue Reading

Wrong yardstick

Imagine that we are sipping a cup of coffee and having a nice evening conversation. At one point, I just casually slipped in a question, how’s everything going in your life? You might shrug it off blabbing things are great and you are fine. Think that I’m your close friendContinue Reading

Behavioral Economics for Trust

Has anyone broken your trust? The answer is a definite yes for anyone. Let’s not get started on how horrible that feels. It would have made your heart sink and made you feel like a total fool. Strangely, it happens to all of us. I think we have a trustContinue Reading

Repurposing optimism and pessimism

Do you believe that the world is an ominous inferno ignited by screams and whimpers catalyzed by suffering and pain? No? Does the world look like a bright fairyland filled with cheerful chuckles and lightsome moments? Alright. Those are some ridiculously exaggerated definitions of pessimism and optimism. A simpler oneContinue Reading

Good conversation

Of all the lost art we hold dear, the unspoken art of having good conversation never crept into that list. Few even consider that to be an art. But it is an art with its rhythm, pace, details that can spur emotions and ideas that can proliferate the mind. KnowingContinue Reading

Define your freedom

I was turmoiled in contemplating what it means to have freedom and what defines it? The revelation came after I realized that granted freedom is Fugazi if not exercised. Freedom is only real when used. Yes, there is a distinction between having and using freedom. I read a blog thatContinue Reading

Road to mastery

If I ask you which road leads to mastery, your first guess might be rigorous practice! You can settle for that if you want a monotonous binary answer. But the problem with that answer is that it is often misleading. We omit quite a lot of vital details by limitingContinue Reading