Cold case review

Prithviraj in Police uniform in the past has impressed us. To have your hopes up for Cold case as Prithviraj is back in Police uniform is no wonder. But let me warn you, that is all you get from this flick; Prithviraj in a Police uniform, this time in shades and in low-carb if you are into that.

The primary issue with this movie is that it lacks any strong flavor. Neither the police investigation nor the spooky paranormal activities spiced it up, and all they left you with is a dissatisfyingly bland movie that failed to hit its mark.

The highlight of the movie is how the mystery is getting unraveled by two different schools of thought. One with logic, and the other with magic. Though that looks good on paper, when it made it into a film offered nothing. The mutual exclusivity created a distance that you can spot when the two storylines aren’t jelling very well.

If we come to the police investigation, when an unidentified skull was fished out, the course of action they took was to identify the victim before chasing after the culprit (I know that is obvious). When the police whine about having to identify the victim, you can easily see-through it is coming from Sreenath V Nath (scriptwriter of the movie), which explains the storyline falling apart once the story gets going.

The investigation is excruciatingly linear, with nothing to leave you guessing. The motive, modus operandi, and everything are so run-of-the-mill that you don’t need a second thought before dismissing it in disappointment.

By the end, you release that the storyline is an ill-conceived murder story that aimed to pick a criminal that can’t be easily guessed and then gluing a trivial motive, all of which made it anything but convincing.

You might wonder why I’m not talking about good bits, the scary paranormal parts, and the unscientific side of the investigation. Well, that is no coincidence because there is nothing to talk about there. It is an even bigger letdown.

Meet Medha Padmaja (Aditi Balan), an investigative journalist who specializes in paranormal activities who also is a single mom recently. I think they have envisioned a brave, bold character but all I could see was a shockingly apathetic person who is so impassive that you might wonder why the spirit chose her.

Speaking of the spirit, how can I miss that. A spirit that breaks down our Indian stereotype of all ghosts having to be very playful before their killing. What you get here is a friendly neighborhood spirit who is so innocuous that Medha dropped her plan to get rid of it midway. I didn’t make that up!

Despite the director’s attempt to add spooky elements in the scenes, the movie is not at all frightening. So don’t worry about holding your pee at midnight because of your phasmophobia.

Overall, let me tell you this, the story is not gripping; the characters are lousy, the music and dialogues bring nothing to the table. But if you want an investigative story that is obvious enough that it doesn’t mess with your head and some not-so spine-chilling paranormal activities to make you feel you can’t be easily shaken. This is a good watch for you.



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