Living in the luxury of the modern era, in harmony with all these tech gadgets, technologies, and scientific breakthroughs. Obliterating any one of the gadgets will tip us off balance. We are so rooted in them that they fall under our fundamental needs now. All our hobbies and time pass need these gadgets to bloom. One other thing that our heart is clinched to are celebrities. Whether they are movie stars, musicians, or sports persons we never fail to be abreast of our favorite ones. But the question remains – have they bettered our lives? I leave that to you.

But, how many of us know who Bardeen or Brattain, or Shockley is? Because if it weren’t for them we’d be living without our ‘fundamental needs of existence’. Inventors like them forged our modern world. Look around you and you can see how much our lives are tangled with these inventions. Some inventions are etched into our life that seems trivial but are inevitable. For all the great inventions, the inventors and their great effort to invent them for the betterment of our life forever remain obscure to us.

I can’t confidently say that I have made someone’s life better, and here we’re talking about people who made the entire world’s life better and what it is today. As a person who hasn’t invented a single thing, I know it takes a great deal to be an inventor. With their culminating diligence in their field, they have forsaken their own life for the good of mankind. Many of them sacrificed their personal lives and made life on Earth what it is today. These unsung heroes deserve the attention as much as any of those celebrities. The beauty of their creation may well be beyond our comprehension, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t beautiful or valuable. They are the wheels upon which our world moves forward. We can certainly be awe-inspired by their diligence and commitment.

As a user of their inventions, we have an obligation to apperceive them and their efforts. They might have even had a covert desire that people might think about them through their inventions. It’s their invisible helping hands that we hold to steady ourselves in this trembling life. So all I’m asking you to do is remember them, simply because they deserve it.

This blog post is very special to me because it is the first one I have written. This is where it all began.

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